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In Feng Shui, the Health area is located in the center of a space. Let’s look closely at this area and what it represents:

  • Center: Health, Unity, and Well Being
  • Color: Yellow and earth tones
  • Element : Earth
  • Shape: Square
  • Body Parts: Stomach and the Spleen
  • Feeling: Calm
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Now take a minute and walk through each room. Observe what is in the center of the room. How does the center feel? If there is clutter it will block the flow of energy (chi) in your room. It is like having a stuffy nose or being congested. If the center is clear and pleasing to your eye, you should feel a calm.

For example, your living room or family room may have the proverbial coffee table in the center of the room. What’s on your coffee table? The coffee table can become the activity center filled with clutter. Same can be said for the bench at the end of the bed in the master bedroom. Is it filled with clothes and shoes that need to be repaired or put away? Now look at your driving vehicle. Do you have one of those “catch-all” bags hooked onto the back of the car seat? If so, this is the center of your vehicle also. Take a look at your desk, which can be quite revealing if the center is cluttered. Lastly, look at your entire home or living space from a bird’s eye view (from above). Many homes or flats have closet or storage space in the center of their home as well as a stairwell. Look closely at these areas. Are the steps filled with items that need to be taken upstairs? Are the closets clean and tidy? It is common for these areas to become a dumping zone for items that are in transit, or don’t have a designated place.

Also, if you have storage containers in these areas, make sure items are neatly organized. This will make for easier retrieval which is good for children and they will learn to put things away because they know where items go.

Below are two photos of an ottoman used as a coffee table. The photo on the left shows the ottoman used for decor. The photo on the right shows the ottoman as a place to sit or rest one’s feet. Allow your decor to be a reflection of you and your functionality.

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Let’s briefly talk about the feeling of Calm. The opposite of Calm is agitation. Agitation is one of the main causes of procrastination. Procrastination leads to stress and anxiety. This is a cycle.

Get out of the cycle by having a beautiful and organized center of your room and you will allow clarity and restfulness to come into your being.

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